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Cult Alert

I'm very concerned about a cult that is operating in the region where I live. Although there are probably fewer inductees than they claim, I suspect they are never the less dangerous.

They have found it easiest to feed on the confused adolescents, but they have a thriving compound that caters to drug addicts and ex-cons. In exchange for food, shelter and clothing they demand at the least lip service. As we know from studies on brain washing, once someone says they believe something, they are on their way to convincing themselves it is true.

Some of the identifying behaviors of this cult are symbolic cannibalism and denial of logic. While the cannibalism is only a game at this point, a "let's pretend were eating someone's flesh" it is still alarming. Could Jeffery Dahmer have got his start in this way? However, even more disturbing is their refutation of logic. Some cult members are willing to say logic is simply meaningless. Others, who have been left with a little more problem solving ability try to use logic to prove logic isn't right.

I will continue to update you on this cult as I gather more information. First, I am going to find out if they operated near Jeffery Dahmer's home to see if they could have influenced his behavior.

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Nancy Sherer