To Convert Someone From One Belief System To Another

If you subscribe to any organized religion, I very much want to proselytize you. Become an Atheist to find out what it is like to be in control;
in total control of yourself.

Some Humanists, Atheists, Freethinkers insist it's not nice to tell the truth about religions, that we shouldn't try to convert. But even a minister tires of preaching to the faithful. Congregations tune out the fire and brimstone and, anyway, they already know the fears and guilts and fawning required of them.

Much more interesting for ministers to plow virgin soil, and I don't use the word "virgin" lightly.


God Took A Virgin

Can anyone respect a father who rapes his virgin daughter, sends her off with a married man to raise the child, brings him back as an adult for a community of angry people to kill most ruthlessly, and flaunts his brutalized image before innocent people through the ages.

Every religion today is male in authority, female in submission. You would think that would be Utopia for the males, but if that were true all men would be deliriously happy.

You mean they aren't?

Could it be that in service to this wondrously nebulous unreachable God, the men are as much victims as the women?

After all, the religious message is that "man" is no good, worthless in God's eyes, so men must need rescuing too. Preachers expound on conflicting messages all the time, couched in indefinable euphemisms, because we all must submit and humble (humiliate) ourselves before the Almighty.


Just The Facts, Ma'am, Just The Facts

Oh I'm being too harsh with my facts, aren't I? Nevertheless, the message is "no person is complete, except in Him; no one can enter into heaven, except through Him." What better way to control the "masses."

That calls for a definition of "Him." "He" is a man, that's the first given, but a manufactured one for mythical purposes.

No, no, no. "He" is really three things that is: a father, a man, a spirit. Three things like the ancient myth of earth, air and sun; or was it earth, fire and water; or earth, air and water; same myth, different cultures.

But when people learned language, men gave up trying to put words in non-existing mouths of elements. Better to make God a man. Then at least His makers can tell Him what to say and how to command.


It's No Joke

Now this all sounds facetious, but people control is deadly serious. Without the "opium" of the masses, as Hitler called religion, he could not have bludgeoned his way across Europe. Millions of murders during the Inquisition were condoned by the church. Without religious conditioning corporations and politicians could not desensitize consumers and constituents. None of their double-talk would be believed.

We are brainwashed from birth: that girls must be girls and boys must be boys. We are supposed to believe we can't change it; that's the way things are. Girls are trapped into being father's little girls and before feminism made us more thoughtful, girls learned by constant bombardment (Barbie, Cinderella) that they will belong to some "other" man when they marry. Fathers give them away at marriage as if they were chattel for a man whom they promise to obey. Religious sanctity.

Hey, I hear ya; it's wonderful to be taken care of. A typist in my office once told me she liked being up on a satin pedestal. Odd that she had to work every day to have her own spending money. Girls are still brainwashed into believing they will be rescued by some knight on a white charger.

Boys are decidedly better than girls, their births make a man of the father. Why not? It's a man's world; we're told that often enough. Little boys are conditioned to become skilled at a trade or profession because they will bear the burden of taking care of a family. Now, now, no hanky panky unless you're serious about making babies. So women were prostituted to "relieve" men's needs. Now that's real concern for "mankind."


Convert To Atheism And Discover Yourself

Women have submitted, been subservient so many generations, it has become the truth to many who see no way out. Only since the women's movement and the continual conscientiousness-raising have women been able to show some authority of their own without guilt. Many admitted their religion had kept them unsane.

You will have to put yourself first. On the surface that looks selfish but if you can't stand back and control your own life, how will you figure out that you can't control the lives of others? An Atheist knows there is no magical answer to daily problems, no rescuer, no happiness but their own. All the troubles on earth have been caused by people and with the brains and creativity we have, those troubles can be addressed. Like diverting money from the military to housing and from corporate welfare to family planning.



You will have to shed the shackles of religion before comprehending such drastic measures. Religion promotes war, bigotry, hate, and violence all in the name of LOVE.

That is hard to believe, isn't it? We're bombarded daily by the concern of neighbors, organizations, agencies, and churches. Analyze the double-talk. Religions don't let you do that. Don't think. Don't stray. Don't. Don't. Don't. If you disobey, you'll go to hell.

Religionists should know; they made many places on earth a living hell for thousands of years.



Naomi Sherer