A Lost Science/Art

Astrology is an ancient science/art based on principles of interrelatedness. It can be seen as one of the remnants of pre-patriarchal culture. The concept of that ancient art is that all things in the universe influence one another and that because there is a continual flow of energy among us all, nothing has a one-way impact or is only acted upon. We have lost this understanding of mutuality and drastically altered everything. That loss of understanding is responsible for the ongoing destruction of life on the planet.

Money's The Name Of The Game

In pursuit of monetary gain, astrology has become another mystical resource to guide individual living by assuming that heavenly bodies exert influence over events in our lives while not effecting theirs. It has become a gimmick to guide actions where people cannot or will not make their own decisions. It reinforces our feelings of insignificance, victimization, and powerlessness.

That stars lead us to where they want us to go lends credence to science fantasy of alien beings. But let us keep our feet on the ground here. How can we be connected with some things and not with others? It may be outside the human understanding but somehow, someway, we are connected to the stars.


Carl Sagan Assured Us: Humans Are Made Of Star Stuff

It is reasonable to assume that what we do, or think, or feel, somehow affects the courses of stars, as they affect ours. I agree with Sonia Johnson who says: "I have no doubt that the course humans take has a direct and profound effect upon the direction of every atom of this and all other universes. I believe that everything in our lives, including the planets and stars, is aware that their rounds are being positively and irrevocably shifted by what women are doing now on Earth, and that they are on fire with our same purpose."

See Wildfire, Igniting The She/volution, 1989
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Naomi Sherer