Modern women trust their own intuition about the health of their bodies.

Who am I kidding? Many women don't even examine their own bodies. Many women can't even reach some parts of their own bodies and wouldn't want to examine them even if they dared to do such an unthinkable Puritan thing.

To do so - if anyone should find out - would be considered a perversion. Early backlash against feminism encouraged verbal punishment against self examination. Touching one's own body led to understanding bodily functions including sexuality and we couldn't have that, could we?

The feminist philosophy changed some women. We know the value of listening to our own bodies, carefully searching for the cause of aches and pains before deciding to seek outside advice.

An example of self care is treating a headache. Ever try drinking a big glass of water? Oh yes, we drink some liquid to swallow an anti-pain pill. And sometimes believe that pills take away the pain. What if it was the water that did the job? And we gave the pill the credit? What if headaches are the result of dehydration? Not just by anything that came before?

I saw a pregnant woman refuse a drink of water. She frantically hunted for a pill instead. Maybe aching heads need an infusion of water to make more blood for the heart to carry to the brain. Remember, the fetus takes its full share first.

Now am I practicing medicine with such a easy suggestion?

Oh please, consult a physician before taking a drink of water, especially if it results in removing the pain.


Naomi Sherer