Marking The Anniversary

Americans mark the first anniversary of horrendous
events that took place on September 11, 2001

(Do we ever consider killings taking place in other parts of the world at precisely the same time?)

How are the celebrants marking this event?

By prayers? to christian gods?
Oh no, let's all pray to their own gods!

If we had prayed to islamic gods on September 9, 2001, could we have prevented the horrible disaster?

Of course not. Nor did an islamic god actually bless and sanction the action.

Of course not. People decided that action. People took that action. By working deliberately in devious ways for years in our free country to devastate Americans and our free system.

Remember other disasters in the name of some god

800th anniversary of the Crusades to destroy infidels
600th anniversary since the Inquisition to gain wealth and lands
400th anniversary of destruction of people as witches in America
63rd anniversary of persecution and killing of Jews by Hitler
50th anniversary since Irish protestants began killing catholics and catholics began killing protestants
10th anniversary of ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia

Look into history and count the number of atrocities somebody's god has put upon the human race.

Let's stop praying and begin acting like rational human beings and do things that stop racial and religious hatred. No more bigotry. No more hatred.


Religion is divisive and bigoted. Each religion encourages believers to make their own rules and follow up with their choices of actions.

Thus we have wanton killing of doctors in health clinics, gays in isolated places, and uncounted other innocents in the name of god.

FOLKS, there is no god. He is made up. Give up the phantom.

Think rationally, not fantastically. No miracle, no supernatural, no alien. Just human beings and human actions.

Naomi Sherer