Sisterhood Is Affected

We've been brainwashed for so long about it being selfish to think of ourselves before anyone else, and look where it got us. Trained into deadend jobs and overworked. We didn't like ourselves and to try to get others to like us we did ourselves over with cosmetics or diets or clothes.

That didn't get the desired effect because we worried about getting it just right, afraid we couldn't, and often we didn't know.

Let's look at ourselves, our own bodies, without judgement.

So we aren't as slim as anyone else; since when is slim the norm?

So we aren't up for glamorous movie contracts; if we were all in the movies who would come to watch?

So we aren't getting rich; why is money more important than people?

So we get headaches and feetaches and bellyaches; what are doctors there for?

Let's Concentrate On Ourselves

How much better would our bodies feel, our emotions relax, our families smile, if we concentrated on what makes us tick? I mean, really tick? Really operate?

We're just a big skin sack that holds bones and blood from messing up our living space. Oh, we've got a whole bunch of neat muscles that keep things separated and operating. We've got a few well placed holes to let the environment in and out. We've got conveyors and compactors and digesters and separators and a powerful pumper to run them all.

And what do we do? We let the beautifully concocted system run on automatic while we manipulate the surface and try to measure up alongside anybody, everybody and everything else.

Now I ask you; does that make sense? When was the last time you used the basic scientific method of observation on your own system? Not on why your skin is rough or why your relationships fail or why you love your job or why you can't control the kids.

Those things require thought and action and use a lot of energy but we must first be aware of our own vessel. If our own operating system goes haywire or just feels uncomfortable none of the other things get proper attention anyway.

Preventive Maintenance

After allowing myself to believe I was the most important person in the world, I realized that my body, my health, and my attitude were dependent on how much preventive maintenance I performed on all three. The second realization was that with all the body trainers, dieticians, druggists, chemists, doctors, and psychologists there are, not one of them cares about ME as much as I do.

So I decided that it was me that had to try to understand why I felt sluggish after eating a meal heavy with meat; why I felt like licking the world after munching on green peppers or celery; why drinking a half gallon of water every day made elimination regular and easy; why additives in prepared foods made me hungry instead of satisfied; why carbonated drinks made me thirsty for more. And as I made one discovery after another the whys went on and on.

Now there is only one me. Just as there is only one you. Disregard the bullshit of another double or a mirror image of you or me anywhere in the cosmos. I am here and now. You are here and now. It can get better. It can get worse. But it definitely can get more interesting if you take control and do some orchestrating of your own wonderfully unique system.