Women's Worlds Theme song


Africa with voices
to inspire women all over the world - to unite
pillars of development
voiceless and in shadows behind the scenes - on the move
recognizing their capacity in development
for gender equality and equity
integrity with dignity and Majesty.

Voices of the young ones
in a struggle to challenge custome demand - is a task
Education of the gire-child
is a strategy for milstonres we achieve for success
Arise and shine Marching with your Crown
Soaring with confidence to higher geights
gendering of policies; a better world.

Voices of the whole world
in a unison for gendered wonmen's worlds - we convene
Discussing and debating
all women in Uganda and far beyond - raise the call
Time for action, our struggle to prevail
a brighter environment for liberty
unity and harmony, forever.

Rejoice in the women's worlds
at the sound of the drum beat
Arise, join in the song to celebrate
the viison of women and men
and together we share challenges and gains
heading for a just society
Listen for the voisec of the Women.